My name is Wolfgang Klampfer and I am a passionate leader, trainer and coach with an engineering background who loves to invest in people.

I approach people and organizational development with an analytic approach and a strong tie to business results. I have worked in training, learning and development roles as well as in leadership positions with up to 20 direct employees. I combine training excellency with intercultural experience and direct and indirect leadership across borders and continents.

I have designed, organized and executed training events in more than 20 countries for employees and customers in German, English and Japanese languages as well as virtual online training programs across 4 continents.


We exist as a company to see our clients thrive on their development journeys in their professional and personal lives!



My efforts are focused on activities that lead to personal growth or growth of other people. 

I aim to grow and improve every day.


I will always decide to show people respect no matter what the situation or circumstances.

I will be quick to listen and slow to talk.


I will only speak the truth or I will not speak.

Being clear and honest is being kind.

White lies are still lies.



Everybody deserves a second and third chance.

Life is too short to hold grudges.


Whatever I put energy into should make life simpler.

Complications never make life easier.