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Whether you are new to leadership, make you way up the middle-management path or run your own company, we can provide you with valuable insights and tips, new methods and tools, and helpful approaches to reflect and improve your performance. Our leadership experience becomes your benefit.


Looking for a new job in the market or another position in your company? Are you ready to take the next step of your career? Or did you already move into that next position and are now overwhelmed with all the new tasks and challenges? Our coaching will support you in every stage of your career development.


BirkYou has a large number of valuable training and workshop topics to offer for your team or company:
Communication and storytelling
Team strategy development
Distance leadership and virtual collaboration

... and many more!



Add the Birkman® Method to all other offers to increase the value of your development measures and significantly boost your personal or team/company development.

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Great for Self-Reflection

The coaching process with Wolfgang helped me a lot to think about my own situation and reflect more on my actions.

Ja-Eun Suh
Siemens Schweiz AG

Helpful coaching process with new insights

Overall I found the coaching process helpful and it helped me along. Particularly at points, where I had insecurities before, the coaching supported me. This was fostered by insights and the understanding of my own… Read more “Helpful coaching process with new insights”

Christina Fischer
Siemens Schweiz AG

Clearly defined coaching process

The coaching process was very well defined from the beginning, from the clear definition of goals to the execution to the methodology during the sessions. Wolfgang creates a comfortable working environment and accompanies you very… Read more “Clearly defined coaching process”

Laura Fernández Nieto
Siemens Schweiz AG

Intensive Career Coaching

The coaching process was intensive with a lot of personal work and was professionally conducted. The goals were clearly defined and the methodical guidance through the process was helpful. I am very satisfied with the… Read more “Intensive Career Coaching”

Dr. Veronica Berdiñas
Siemens Mobility

Excellent coaching

Wolfgang was excellent. Everything from the presentation, time management, rules of engagement, and way he handled the coaching were the proper enablers to really show the benefit. Every step contributed to the trust environment which… Read more “Excellent coaching”

Christine Echevarria
Siemens Peru

Career Coaching with Birkman

With the Birkman method Wolfgang has led me to reflect my working environment. The detailed report and professional process enabled me to understand my needs, areas of improvement and strengths. Based on that I was… Read more “Career Coaching with Birkman”

Patricia Pollinger, Mediendidaktikerin

Job Coaching for Moderation

I am very grateful to have worked with Wolfgang as a coach. His patience and attitude helped me to identify areas requiring interventions and improvements. Also my proficiency of moderation in German (my native language… Read more “Job Coaching for Moderation”

Jessica Jacomino, Up2Date Moderator

Discovery Coaching

I started with the goal of preparing a plan for my personal development and learning. Each session was a journey of discovery and the result was a new way of looking at my learning journey… Read more “Discovery Coaching”

Jacqueline Carr
Siemens Deutschland


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